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Originally Posted by CaptMurdock View Post
A "political prisoner"?? What possible political advantage is there in putting Bill Cosby in jail?
The whole case even came up again because of the election for DA & "Me Too".

Back when the complaint was first filed, about 10 years before he was arrested the then-DA declined to prosecute citing lack of evidence. There should have been a non-prosecution letter but the then-DA didn't have it in his files & Cosby's then-lawyer is long dead. The agreement to not prosecute is why he testified in the civil case, which also was supposedly under seal. Civil cases are routinely postponed until after criminal cases are completed as otherwise the defendant wouldn't testify as that testimony could be used against them in the criminal trial.
Leading up to the election, the then-DA (who was running again) stated in an on-the-record interview that he reviewed the case many years ago & declined to prosecute as there was not sufficient evidence & that by agreeing to not prosecute it opened the way for Cos to testify in the civil case. His recollection seem correct given that Cos did testify in that civil case.
The political aspect of this is that the current DA did a case of "takebacksies" & that the sealed testimony was leaked & then allowed to be used against him.

Do I think he did it? Probably. Do I think he should have been prosecuted given the agreement that supposedly happened years ago? No way.