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EinsteinsHund put it very well. And to repeat what others said,I find classical music to be tedious, plodding, and boring. I like jangling guitars and a good drum beat, and music that gets my toes tapping and my head nodding. There's none of that in classical music. The closest thing to classical that I appreciate is Roll Over, Beethoven by the Electric Light Orchestra.
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No lyrics, no consistent melody, too many goddamned violins.
(My bolding in cochrane's post.) My insights here may not be worth much: I'm next-door to tone-deaf, and lack physical co-ordination: the great majority of music, and dancing in any way or shape done by myself, are "closed books" to me. I get the impression though, that for very many preferrers of, shall we say, livelier musical stuff: classical music is plain boring, and very lacking in enjoyable and memorable tunes.

There are suggestions that the above, has held held good for many centuries. In Patrick O'Brian's novels, it's an ongoing thing that Aubrey and Maturin enjoy playing together, classical-type violin / cello duets. I recall in one of the books, that the two of them are going hard at it thus; "off-stage", Aubrey's devoted but surly servant, Killick, comments to the effect of: "tweedly-deedly, tweedly-deedly, all the damn time for hours on end -- it's enough to drive you mad".