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Originally Posted by Sangahyando View Post
There are suggestions that the above, has held held good for many centuries. In Patrick O'Brian's novels, it's an ongoing thing that Aubrey and Maturin enjoy playing together, classical-type violin / cello duets. I recall in one of the books, that the two of them are going hard at it thus; "off-stage", Aubrey's devoted but surly servant, Killick, comments to the effect of: "tweedly-deedly, tweedly-deedly, all the damn time for hours on end -- it's enough to drive you mad".
Don't confuse modern historical novels with actual history, or imagine that fiction authors don't make things up, no matter how much research they claim to have done. Don't mistake the opinions of one fictional character in a novel for a general historical truth.

There was certainly plenty of folk music in the 18th-19th centuries, and ballads were especially popular... but most people of all levels of society were also exposed to complex choral and organ church music from childhood.