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Is there a list of allowable rhetorical devices?

In reference to this most-odd bit of moderating (among many lately):
Originally Posted by Bone
I've had enough of this type of epiplexis. If you wish to say you think finding facts is important, feel free to do so. Framing a statement of this nature in the form of a question doesn't transform the substance from anything but a personal comment, and often times an insult. Enough.
That's pretty damn capricious.

With all due respect, you're looking for an excuse here, Bone, and hardly for the first time, sadly. Questioning the reason for making a post is not a "personal insult". There are precious few ways that we mortals are still allowed to use to suggest that another poster is attempting to derail a thread, by various forms of JAQ'ing and sealioning, without also being accused of junior modding by mods who refuse to moderate those who are doing so. So what rhetorical devices remain on the acceptable list, and can we see it?