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Originally Posted by ElvisL1ves View Post
There are precious few ways that we mortals are still allowed to use to suggest that another poster is attempting to derail a thread, by various forms of JAQ'ing and sealioning, without also being accused of junior modding by mods who refuse to moderate those who are doing so. So what rhetorical devices remain on the acceptable list, and can we see it?
This here is revealing of the motivations for the types of posts I was referring to. Rather than trying to find clever ways to get as close to the line as possible, I suggest arguing the merits. If you continue to try and push the line, you will step over it from time to time.

So to answer your question, there is no list, so you may not see what doesn't exist.

Ultimately the issue is one of personal insults. Trying to avoid sanction by recasting an insult in the form of a question is no defense to violating the rule against insults. 'You're not a liar are you? You're not stupid are you? You aren't dumb enough to believe that right?' All of these are of similar form, though of course a hair less subtle than some of your other offerings.

So while the rule against insults remains unchanged, I'm giving you the courtesy of letting you know that the aforementioned tactic to attempt to offer insults will also receive sanction. If you are not insulting other posters then there is no behavior modification necessary. Though given 6 of your last 7 warnings were for personal insults, take this as a caution that behavior modification may be necessary.

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