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late to the complaining party, but i go through a lot of this with my folks, esp lately. they are very VERY conservapub christian rights. haaard right. and every. single. time. we. talk, it's about what fox news said, and how they are the only news channel that will be unbias. they truly believe that ONLY fox news is fair, that all other sources of information are liberally biased.

they were virtually STUNNED that ABC/CBS/NBC "admitted" obama lost the first debate.

the problem i see with it is that Fox news doesn't just push an agenda, they are having an actual dangerous effect on how people think. my folks have always been conservative, but the bitter, divisive anger is new, and i can trace nearly all of it to the start of the obama election last go-round and their increased interest in Fox news...which says everything they want to hear.

nearly every bit of news my folks discuss (from fox news) is bookended by an extremely biased, fear-mongering, opinion demanding editorialization. but my folk's fail to see that aspect.

great example: yesterday we were talking about what a sad turn of events this Lance Armstrong has turned to.

my dad said he was watching them talk about it on fox news and how the anchor went into a diatribe about personally meeting Lance Armstrong at some event, after press meetings out at a restaurant or something private, and how Lance tried to start a fist fight with him, and how the anchor explained "this is how this guy was. angry, aggressive, hostile and tried to start a lot of fights with journalists all the time."

now, any truth in this "report" notwithstanding, my immediate thought was "that sure is an utterly unverifiable personal anecdote you were just fed by your news, one that has since gone to shape your opinion of this person you've never met--one you just personally verified by explaining "--and he said he wasn't the only one that happened to!"

that's not news. it's brainwashing.

it's easy to say anyone who watches this channel has poor character, is an idiot, or just wants the sweet, warm hug of bullshit to make them feel better. but i can attest personally there are middle-ground, regular americans who lack a kind of investigative personality to dig deeper into things who are being straight up brainwashed by all this fearmongering. Fox news is demanding people be angry and are widening the gap between political stances by capturing on people's fears. they harp constantly on how your freedoms are being eroded by everything you find even remotely disagreeable and pour it all into a mixture of actual shit, news, and opinion, call it fair and balance, and people buy PART A because of the caveat of PART B.

maybe it's unsophisticated, but my dad always mentions the fact they are the only news who claim to be fair and balanced. because of that claim, he buys some false sense of integrity on their part. and because they scream they are the ONLY honest ones, it makes him think any contradictory news, stats, or facts by any other media outlet is due to THEIR LIBERAL BIAS.

it's to the point he's actually convinced we are heading for a new civil war--and that's 100% Fox news anger-fear-mongering.