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To respond to the OP...

There's no doubt that Fox News has a conservative bias. I think that bias is most evident in the Hannity show, which I really have no use for. O'Reilly, while conservative, does make air both sides of an issue, and I think he gets a bad rap. I used to put him in the same boat as Hannity, but he's improves immeasurably in the fair and balanced department.

During this debate season, I've chosen to watch most of it on MSNBC. And, my God, talk about bias! First, they seem to make very little effort to get conservatives on. But what surprised me is the degree to which they either intentionally lie to make things seem good for Obama or the degree to which they live in a bubble and everything is automatically put through a Must-Be-Good-For-Our-Side Translator chip that's been implanted in their brains. I find it to be MUCH more hyper-partisan than Fox News. And vying for Head Partisan is that Schultz character and the smarmy, wisecracking Maddow. I guess refrigerator-head Lawrence O'Donnel is in the running, too.