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Originally Posted by Clothahump View Post
Your TLDR assumption is incorrect. The mainstream media is biased hard left. FOX is moderate, which puts it in the middle. The others, however, are so far left that it makes FOX look hard right if things like ABC/CBS/NBC/CNN et. al. are all you listen to.
Even for your usual comments, this is ludicrous. You would need to create an alternative universe to present this seriously.

The U.S. tilts Right on the political spectrum by any objective standard and Fox is to the Right of the American center. Aside from the standard that if it bleeds, it leads, the mainstream media has no overwhelming bias. Aside from Fox the networks are a bit to the Left on issues such as sexual orientation, sexual politics, and race, but they are firmly in the center on issues such as foreign relations and the military, and they tilt Right in the realms of commerce.