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Originally Posted by TonySinclair View Post
I don't see how anybody could watch Fox and say it's not biased. It's obviously biased, but that wouldn't be so bad if

a) they didn't claim they were fair and balanced, and

b) they didn't make shit up, or persist in reporting false stuff long after they know it's false.

MSNBC is NOT the same. They may be as biased to the left as Fox is to the right, but they don't claim to be fair and balanced, and they don't make shit up.

Disclaimer: I only watch the big guns, i.e. Matthews and Maddow on MSNBC, and O'Reilly and Hannity on Fox. I guess it's possible that Shep Smith may be less biased than Al Sharpton.
Jon Stewart - Fox's bullshit mountain:

My favorite Faux News bit was their showing "riots" in Madison Wisconsin in February 2011. The "riots" had green palm trees in the background.

First, there were never any riots during the January - April 2011 protests in Madison. During that entire time, about 30 people were arrested for what would be called riotous behavior. - That's fewer than the usual number arrested on a single football Saturday.

Second, the only green vegetation on Capitol Square in Madison are evergreen trees. There are no palm trees nor any other kind of leafy green trees.

(BTW, During the biggest weekend protest, there were three bus loads of counter-protest folks from around Wisconsin bused-in by the Koch Brothers.)

Colbert saw the same thing: