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Originally Posted by Modern Master View Post
All the other news sources either have a liberal or conservative agenda.
I love Rachel Maddow. Her show is the only news show that I TiVo. I realize she has a liberal bias.

But I watch her religiously because I trust her with the facts. She usually offers verifiable things and in the rare event she reports something that is inaccurate, she will correct it at the soonest opportunity. Whenever she introduces a guest who is there to comment on a specific story, her first question to the guest is "Is there anything I got wrong with that?"

Michael Moore tells me what I want to hear a lot of times. I don't trust him nearly as much even though his "agenda" usually runs alongside my own.

(I know his medium is different but I cannot think of a Liberal commentator on cable news who is as cavalier with the facts as Moore and Fox News can be.)

Fox News are liars and this is proven. Fox News viewers are more likely to be uninformed or misinformed about the news they are watching and this is proven.

I hate Fox News not because they are Conservative. I hate them because they lie. And their lies make a decent percentage of the American population dumber because of it.

On a board where ignorance is the enemy, Fox News should be Enemy #1 because they are not just ignorant, they drag down a sizable part of the country into ignorance with them.