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James Bond 007 Aston-Martin by Gilbert

I had two of these, both brought back from England, the second one at my special request to replace the demolished first one which was played with into oblivion. Now I have slightly less than one that is totally thrashed... and I would never replace it.

The Outer Space Men by Colorforms.

I had a couple of these hard-to-find – and now insanely expensive - figures. Now I have one that is very worn and frayed.

Barugon battery-operated monster

One of the coolest presents ever (thanks, mom!) NOTE: The vid shows the Godzilla model. The Barugon one looked similar and had the same basic action, in addition to which, it had smoke coming out of its mouth.

Zeroids by Ideal

I had two of these, Zerak and Zobor, both now long gone. Many years later, a friend gave me his Zobor, which I still have.

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