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After years of begging, my siblings and I convinced the parents to take us to Disneyland. We lived in Las Vegas, so it wasn't a huge drain on the family budget. I was eight years old at the time.

So, we all took off in the morning darkness. dad, mom and three kids. I remember dad was driving, when the police officer came to the car window. Don't understand what happened, but we did a U turn, went back to the house and dropped dad off. He was probably drunk, and the officer told him to get home. This was in the 50's, and these things happened.

Don't know why I am telling you this, but you need to know we were a poor family. Father was't working and had time to drink. Mom was a school teacher trying to support a family, including my brother in medical school.

We finally reached Disneyland, early in the morning. We got a package of tickets. It had a few for the big rides, more for the medium rides, and some for the kids (boring). We had a great time. And then I spotted the toy car.

It was a shiny, red and black convertible. You would wind it up, which powered its' four speed manual transmission. And the steering wheel turned the front wheels! Throughout the day, I would remind mom about the car. I imagine it was expensive. Everything sold in the park was expensive.

Good news, I came home with the car! Loved that car. Although it was difficult to shift gears on the fly. Do to its' small size. And when I finished playing with it (never off-road), I always returned it to the box it came in. It was a beauty!

When I came home from college, I could not find it. Mom said I wasn't using it, so she gave it away. Very tragic. Else I would have it today.