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Tinker Toys. I'd sit for hours and make stuff with them. Also Lincoln Logs.

We had this one thing. It was the size of, and looked like, a 12 inch portable television set. But it had a record player on the top. There was a slot on the side to put these film/slide strips which were about a foot long. They would show up on the screen which inside was really just a simple projector with a light bulb and a mirror. The record and film strips would play in tandem. Real modern stuff for the 60's.

I remember one of them was The Wizard of Oz. It told/showed the entire story from Dorothy in Kansas, the tornado to OZ, walking the yellow brick road and meeting all the characters, killing the witch and getting sent back to Auntie Em in Kansas. All in 2 minutes and 33 seconds (my Dad timed it once).

I guess it was called the "Show 'n Tell"

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