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I'm another one who spent countless hours with Lego. I never had any of the fancy Technic car chasses, but I did make a Technic car of my own (much simpler) design, with the front and rear wheels synchronized (with appropriate gearing, since they were different diameters), and a pair of ratchets that could be engaged or disengaged to allow for "drive", "park", "reverse", and "neutral". Though most of my builds were spaceships (the Spaceship Guy in the Lego Movies was a real nostalgia kick for me).

Erector Set was another big one, though I mostly used if for things intended to be functional, rather than just free play.

And I also had a couple of those Radio Shack electronics kits with the spring-loaded connectors-- I think the 160 in 1 kit and the 200 in 1 kit. Man, if only I still remembered more than a fraction of what I taught myself using those kits. I'm still hoping to find a kid nowadays who would appreciate them, to give them away to.