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My mom used to buy me these cool science type toy model sets in the 60s. One was a working Bell Telephone (v1.0) that you put together with plastic and wires and stuff. Yes, it worked. Then there was the little Gutenberg press that you assembled, and you could set some type for it, and it came with a composed page of a Gutenberg Bible to print. It was very cool. But the best one. Well I had been building plastic monsters and horror film characters - all the good ones. My mom found this replica Guillotine put-together model that was cool and really worked. But it's greatness came from the fact that it came with a little plastic patrician with a spring-loaded head that you could strap on the table, lock him with the headstock, and lop his little head off. But that's not the best thing. That was when my Mom saw this in a toy store and said, my son will LOVE this thing. Let's see Amazon try to put that out today.