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I had a "Switch and Go" when I was a kid. Here is a you tube.

I didn't have the "Battle Set", I had a one with construction vehicles I think. There was another game but I have no idea what it was called. You had vehicles and a track but it only had curves and buildings. The vehicle would just roll across the floor between curves, so you had to get everything lined up precisely.

Spirograph never interested me until 1) I was told the numbers corresponded to number of teeth on wheels and gears. 2) I found a source for large flat smooth thick cardboard, and 3) I found out about Fisher Pens and their universal refills (Black, Blue, Red and Green too)! I would cover one side of a sheet of paper with calculations and the other with the drawing.

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I got this one toy, which I adored, then it broke two weeks after Christmas and I never saw it again... except at a friends house years later... and cannot find it on Google.

It was an airplane... simulation? You had to lay down (or place on a table in front of you) and biplanes would appear, whereupon you had to shoot them. The thing itself was a singular piece, the gun on one end, the simulator part at the other. It was kinda close to a video game except it wasn't.
This nothing like what you describe but seems to be a similar game. It was called "SkyDuel"; you held it up to your eyes.