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Originally Posted by tschild
Does it help him to stand on the leg that hurts?
I'm not sure. Usually at these times he is unable to communicate coherently, and can barely follow our directions ("Please point to where it hurts! Mommy and Daddy don't know!"). I noticed that last about 5 minutes after he woke up that he was able to stand up without apparent discomfort. Part of the problem is that he is also so tired at these times that he desperately wants to go back to bed.

Thanks for all your input. I see though that there seems to be a range of experience (rub, don't rub, stretch, flex, calcium makes it better, calcium makes it worse!). We started giving him his children's vitamin again today...we had stopped for a while but he could probably use it anyway.

We are going to the doctor for just this reason on Thursday but I am not too hopeful that they will determine the experience with primary care pediatricians is that they are not very good at determining the cause of unusual symptoms (believe me, I could write a book but that is a whole other subject). If anything definitive comes out of it I will report back here.