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Originally Posted by ftg
I had them the worst when I was a kid when I was growing the least. They went away during my real growth spurt.
Some people think that this type of pain occurs when bone is growing unevenly (i.e. one side faster than the other side) rather than quickly. Uneven bone growth would cause distortion and compression of the bone, resulting in pain until it evens out. This could occur during fast or slow growth.

Originally Posted by ftg
I still get them ocassionally and I am certainly not growing now!
Bone does grow in adults, largely in response to physical stresses. If you start to work out, or even just walk farther in one day than you normally do, your bones respond by beefing up overall density and enlarging the contact points that your muscles attach to. If you revert to lower activity levels, it all goes away. Bones are actually fairly dynamic.