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Originally Posted by norinew
I don't think anyone here is saying for Laughing not to take the Little Lagomorph to the doctor. I think they're just saying "this is pretty common, and in all likelihood it's nothing serious, and here are some things you can try until the doctors' appointment". In that vein. . .I have a 12-year-old who, from about age 3 until probably about 2 or 3 years ago, would wake up with terrible leg pain in the night. Doctor said it was growing pains. We gave her Tylenol, and that would help enough to get her back to sleep.
To clarify (and hopefully nor belabor) the point, comments like yours were genuinely helpful because you shared anecdotes about children, not adults, who have had similar pain.

My concern, maybe not just for Lagomorph but for other parents who are reading (and for posters in this thread who like to give helpful advice to parents by giving off the cuff examples), is that you can't apply adult anecdotes to children's bodies, even for stuff that seems straightforward. Unless I read them wrong, at least a few posters said, in essence, "Yeah, I (an adult or teen) get that and it's normal."

The fact that normal adult gripes like backaches and headaches aren't normal kid things was news to me when my son had some body pain, and I'm just being (perhaps overly) cautious in passing it along. I probably am coming off as a ninny. You're right that Lagamorph isn't going to decide to not ask the doc about it.