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Virtually all small children undergo really amazing growth. Many people forget this and just think of teenagers.

But ...

Only a small number will experience the pain described in the OP.

Ergo, if "growing pains" is such a medically sound diagnosis, then why don't virtually all children experience them???????

I think that's an awfully darn important thing to remember.

"Growing pains" especially for that age and for adults is a throw away expression. If that's what the doctor tells you, go see another doctor instead. There is probably a real medical condition underlying this that must and should be treated. I have yet to hear anyone suggest a treatment for "growing pains" other than "ignore the kid's pain for a few years".

Note that last phrase: That's the exact opposite of my view and yet somehow some "people" decided that was my view. Sheesh and then some.

I am still awaiting an apology. No question about it.

Now we have mischievous telling me what I didn't say. No one ever diagnosed me with "growing pains". No one. The doctor diagnosed tight tendons.

C'mon folks, read the posts! It'll save a lot of "pain".