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Originally Posted by Hentor the Barbarian View Post
See now, this type of thinking is the product of a limited intellect. There's a famous America's Funniest Videos video clip of a bike race in which a hat blows off the head of one rider and lands perfectly on the head of a rider behind him. Does the fact that this was on film mean that this event happens frequently?
No, but if it was caught on film a number of times, it would would mean it was more frequent then you might think. Wouldn't it?

As Fear Itself points out, you cannot use the term "relative" in a vacuum. And in fact, people have studied the use of privately owned firearms for thwarting crimes relative to the use of these firearms for shooting family members or shooting oneself, showing that the rate of the former is dwarfed by the rate of the latter. What happens is that you display ignorance about statistics, handwave away stats that you don't like, and find that people are subsequently not convinced by you. Posting a video of such an event happening would be useful for refuting the assertion that successful defensive gun uses never happen. I don't think anyone is making that claim.
The low ball estimate of crimes being thwarted with guns is I think 100,000 times a year. That's a lot more than the number of deaths per year attributed to gun violence.

This is because you do not approach the issue logically and intelligently, but from the standpoint of pants-filling paranoid hysteria.
I know you are, but what am I.