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Originally Posted by Crane View Post
In the military I was taught that there is no responsibility without commensurate authority. That should apply to the Conservative concept of personal responsibility.

So, if personal responsibility is a Conservative value, then:

Without authority over her own reproduction, a woman cannot be financially responsible. The Conservative position should logically be pro-birth control and pro-abortion.

The corporate form isolates the individual from responsibility for his personal actions. He can exercise authority without accepting responsibility. The Conservative position should be against the corporate form.

I believe this is not the case. Personal responsibility is not a Conservative value.
Regardless of anyone's position on abortion, much less birth control, you're taking a moral argument and turning it into an economic one which is flawed logic. I'm opposed to child labour. There are children whose parents are happy for them to work, and who would do as their parents ordered them too. I'm sure there are people who aren't bothered about child labour, and would accept them as lower priced workers. If supply and demand both exist, absent moral issues, why not let that market exist and let everyone gain the secondary and tertiary economic benefits?

And frankly, speaking personally, if you're supporting women having abortions so they can keep working, I find that rather reprehensible. I would much rather pay for a woman to have maternity care, maternity leave and child care than for her to have an abortion.