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SamuelA, I'll have you remember that my steed also vapes THC ... I never go anywhere without my high horse.

As to the need of the flavors ... Lamoral is claiming that the flavors and enjoying the sweetums goodness is a key part of e-cigs efficacy. Shouldn't be too hard to document that. Funny though, can't find such a study. I'd in fact posit that the flavoring makes it harder to finish the job of then weaning off the e-cigs as well. Which is as valid of a claim to make.

A complete view of the evidence is that the efficacy of e-cigs as a class in increasing cigarette quit rates is .. not so strong. A 2016 Lancet meta-analysis -
Odds of quitting cigarettes were 28% lower in those who used e-cigarettes compared with those who did not use e-cigarettes (odds ratio [OR] 072, 95% CI 057091). Association of e-cigarette use with quitting did not significantly differ among studies of all smokers using e-cigarettes (irrespective of interest in quitting cigarettes) compared with studies of only smokers interested in cigarette cessation (OR 063, 95% CI 045086 vs 086, 060123; p=094). Other study characteristics (design, population, comparison group, control variables, time of exposure assessment, biochemical verification of abstinence, and definition of e-cigarette use) were also not associated with the overall effect size (p≥077 in all cases).


As currently being used, e-cigarettes are associated with significantly less quitting among smokers.
Yeah, LESS successful quitting using e-cigs than not.

Eh. Another medical conspiracy to hide the facts. So let's ignore this quality meta-analysis and for discussion's sake assume that the combination of removing the need to smoke to feed the addiction, and the continuation of the perceived social functions of smoking (in-group, having a prop, etc), help facilitate cessation of smoking cigarettes. Seriously no it makes no sense that tutti-fruity flavoring that has not been part of the cigarette smoking experience is required even if it adds pleasure to the addiction behavior.