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Originally Posted by Snowboarder Bo View Post
No offense but Fiverr sounds like a bunch of fucking assholes who are not going to "help the developing world" so much as "take advantage of people who need work and/or money" and "help other people take advantage of people who need work and/or money".
Iíve worked as a freelancer. For me, it was easy money to use my skillset in the evening or over a couple of days to do work I generally enjoy rather than watch TV, read, or mess around on the Internet. I probably wonít be signing up to Fiverr because I work in a niche profession. I doubt they have a market for me. There are also issues of data confidentiality with my job. But could some of the project tasks Iíve been assigned to work on be accomplished by an outside resource more cost-effectively and better? Sure.

As an example, my French is terrible and my German is non-existent. Yet Iíve tested both French and German application web pages. My task was to test the English pages, and then see if I could follow the same procedures on the French and German pages. Somewhere else, someone checked those pages to ensure the spelling was accurate. Could those tasks have been accomplished more efficiently by an outside resource fluent in those languages? Absolutely. So if there was a practical way to outsource that testing to Moldova or Slovakia, would I recommend my clients take advantage of that avenue? Absolutely.

Originally Posted by GIGObuster View Post
Based on the most serious tax plans that I have seen, Fiverr would not be a target of the proposed tax.
You donít believe that the Fiverr owners and investors want to become billionaires?

Iím ignoring the fact that Fiverr is an international company, because weíre discussing philosophical viewpoints, rather than specific tax systems. However, I think the discussion of an Israeli wealth tax versus a UK or US wealth tax is inconsequential to the overall point.