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The Simpsons: Tapped Out

I've got to confess a new addiction. I'm busily rebuilding Springfield in The Simpsons: Tapped Out on my iPad. It's a free game and if you are a Simpsons fan, you will really enjoy it. Anyone else playing? Have any favorite characters or buildings?

I love Duff Man and making him ride all over town on his Segway, sending Witch Marge off riding on her broom, and with the Christmas update, making Ned ride his boys on the snowmobile. Kang running from the puny humans and Chief Wiggam on a stakeout are also a riot.

I think my favorite building is Duff Brewery, even though it's huge and cost a ton of Donuts. My second favorite is Moe's, because when it's occupied there is a rat that runs around on the roof. The Muntz house is also great with Nelson playing guitar out front and the raccoon chewing on wiring on the roof.

Their little sayings when you tap on them or finish a quest are fun too.

If you play, post your username and I'll add you. My origin ID is pimaspi.

Oops, should have posted in the Game Room. So sorry.

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