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Originally Posted by John Mace View Post
First of all, don't be so sure isn't still running.
The. Election. Is. Over! She. Literally. Cannot. Be. Running. She can't run for an office that is already filled, and she has not announced that she is running for any other office, and that is the point when we say someone is running for office. Trump didn't run in 2012, even though he did investigate running.

Clinton is not running for any office right now.

You seem to have misunderstood my post. I wasn't posting in GD where I actually wanted to know an answer. I was calling these guys idiots for beinging up Clinton. It appeals to their base, who do have that irrational hatred for her. But the rest of us know she is not running, and thus bringing her up is pointless. We can tell that it is obvious spin. So I was calling them stupid for doing it.

Finally, we are very much investigating the Trump campaign and its ties with Russia. There was an argument this wasn't about Trump, but that was ruined the second Trump fired someone to stop the investigation. The two people who we talked about today are both Trump campaign officials.

Make no mistake, we are in fact going after Trump about this. He is the guy who is important, because he is in power. If he colluded, then he is not legitimately president. That's a bit more important than a stupid decades long grudge.

You can't say "But Hillary" forever. The time when that was useful ended on November 8, 2016. That's the end of her relevance. She was already investigated, and that investigation is over.

I do not get why people think talking about Clinton is going to help in any way. It's just transparent spin. The only ones who buy it are the people who would have bought any lie you told, so why not pick one that might actually convince some moderates or anti-Trump conservatives?