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I'm scheduled for a colectomy on October 3rd. I'll be in the hospital for a few days, and if all goes well, they'll ship me to a nursing/rehab facility to recover and wait for my next surgery, which will be to repair my vertebrae. No details of the back surgery have been worked out, including where it will happen and who will do it. Hoping to make some progress on that front during my hospital stay for my colectomy. Also hoping to find a different nursing/rehab facility, so I don't have to come back here.

I've been in the hospital or nursing home since the end of May. Four straight months of lying in bed. Everything points to this being a real, positive step in improving my health, the biggest one I've taken in the 17 years since I've been diagnosed. Those who have had this operation assure me it's the best thing that they could have done.

Been a tough few months. Everyone keeps asking me if I'm excited, if I am happy to be having this. In a vague, abstract way, yeah, I guess so, but not a lot. Too worn out by too much crap going wrong for too long. After four months in this place, I feel institutionalized. I don't know what life outside is like anymore. I just exist through day after day, waiting to get to the next operation, hoping it will get me the hell out of this place.

So, October 3rd is my next big day. I'll post back here, probably 3-5 days later. Sooner, if history is any guide, but I can't be sure.
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