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Today is my first day home.

Surgeon did not give me good news. Said my bones were too bad to operate on, said putting hardware on my spine would be like nailing jello to a board. Also was worried about operating on me with my history of blood clots. Still in a wheelchair, but walking a few steps here and there.My back hurts when I stand. Hope to one day get well enough to wank into a store and use one of those motorized carts and do my own shopping.

Spent ten hours setting up my desktop. My sister and her husband moved all my stuff into a storage facility, then two weeks later had to move it all into my new place. They didn't really understand how to set up my computer, I'm just glad they did a decent job of taking it down and moving it.

The new place has bugs. Killed five and one got away since coming home around noon. Sister says they are roaches. Can't tell myself, my vision is very poor now. I think I have cataracts. Prednisone can cause them, just like it caused my brittle/broken bones. I don't really want to go to bed, as I don't really want the bugs to crawl on me, whatever they are.