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Thanks again, as always. I had an idea I was gonna be up against this, so I started this thread a couple weeks back.

Maybe it was all the spraying they've been doing that got them all stirred up. I haven't seen a single bug since I woke up at 10AM. Weird. I've got some growth inhibitor on order, and a couple of poison baits that you're supposed to use in rotation. Between that and the spraying the landlord has been doing, maybe we can knock these things down.

I appreciate the offers of help. I'm doing OK for now. I'm not tough, I'm just trying to get by as best I can in a fairly rough period.

JeffB, holy hell, what a typo! Wish I could blame it on some autocorrect accident, but I think we all know it was my fat fingers along with some poorly hidden exhibitionist tendencies.

I better hit the road. Getting pretty tired. Lotta work getting the new place in order, and I'm still not done.