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Originally Posted by Velocity View Post
So, even leaving Thomas and Kavanaugh aside, there is indeed a clear trend of evidence that Democrats vote more along the lines of ideology than Republicans do.
Comparing individual Supreme Court justices is a problem because a lot has changed about partisan politics decade-by-decade. Similarly, when you have a sample size of six, it is hard to make meaningful comparisons because the individuals are very different. Thomas and Kavanaugh had genuine problems, apart from ideology.

A far better test of this theory that Democrats are more ideological as to judges would be to look at Court of Appeals nominations instead of the far less frequent and more noisy Supreme Court nominations. What do you think that test shows?

Conservative media has been far more obsessed with judicial nominations than liberal media. A typical Hannity-watcher knows who Michael Luttig is. Few Maddow-watchers know who Goodwin Liu is. So I suspect that many conservatives have some degree of confirmation bias about which party is fighting tooth-and-nail to control the courts.