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Originally Posted by Chronos View Post
The difference is that gay marriage is something that liberal politicians actually want. It's an end, not a means to an end.
But as Velocity pointed out, it is not an end. The gay rights groups didn't fold and take up gardening or coin collecting. They are still out there fighting for the right to public accommodations and adding sexual orientation to anti-discrimination laws and are a strong ally in the fight for transgender rights. The fight continues.

Likewise if Roe is overturned, that's not the end of the game. There will be battles in statehouses all across the country, and they will be meaningful ones. It is easy for a politician to pander to his base by voting for an abortion ban after 6 weeks of pregnancy because he gets to show off his pro-life cred and also be secure in the knowledge that the law will be stayed about 11 seconds after a federal court sees it. He can play both sides.

And not just in statehouses. If the Dems control both houses of Congress and the presidency, there could be a Lawful Commerce in Abortions Act which supersedes state law by disallowing local interference with a federal policy of legal abortion. Is that constitutional? The same groups will still be there and not collecting coins.