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A repeal of Roe would have consequences neither side is talking about. It would give the Democrats a new national issue, to fight for national abortion rights again. They would portray it as a huge injustice to women and rev up the base. In the meantime, a lot of Republican political energy and money would shift to the various states because that is where abortion laws could then be changed. I suspect this would have large, and pretty much unknowable effects to the political landscape.

I actually don't think either side really wants a change. Roe is useful to Republicans because the law was decided poorly, giving them an endless issue to campaign on. They have a plausible mechanism for overturning a law their base hates, and so can raise money and support for it. Roe makes abortion a federal issue, which benefits federal candidates. Without Roe, abortion becomes a state issue and federal Republicans lose the ability to campaign on it.