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Thanks guys. I've considered CBD oil, but hadn't got around to trying it. Now that I know I'll be tested, I'm definitely not going to try it because of the false positive risk. I find it funny(in both senses of the word) that this will probably be among the last states to legalize it. I read somewhere that marijuana is Kentucky's biggest cash crop.

I've never done any illegal drug. Always had better things to do. I find it funny that I'm being drug-tested for the first time now. I worked in a hospital, I was an assistant supervisor at a bank, and I was never tested. Let me get sick and sit in a wheelchair at home though, PEE TEST! Heck, possible pain reduction aside, I'm getting to the point in my life when I should consider trying drugs. Remember Alan Arkin's character in Little Miss Sunshine?

As for the gift cards, I appreciate the thought as always, folks. I don't really NEED a computer upgrade now. As long as I have access to my desktop and it stays in working order, it's adequate for my needs. I can afford the Kindle if I really needed it now, but I'm going to wait for a sale to conserve money. It's something that will be more useful after my cataract surgery, anyway.

Thanks for caring.