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Originally Posted by Shodan View Post
You are if you are talking about government programs. Paying taxes is not optional.
I'm not talking about government programs. Thanks for the civics lesson, though.

Originally Posted by Shodan View Post
But "you didn't do anything wrong, but you are responsible for fixing it" is not something that can be assumed. You have to actually make the case.
There's all kinds of charity that people don't bother making cases for, right? Someone at your church has hit hard times and needs a new washer and dryer so they send around a collection basket, happens all the time. Do you feel a personal responsibility to replace their broken washer and dryer? Of course not. Do you feel a general responsibility to help those in your church community when they fall on hard times? Most people would say yes. And people do that without putting the recipient through the ringer about whether or not they've exhibited an appropriate degree of personal responsibility, or whether charity in this case will breed dependence. It's a much simpler equation.