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Originally Posted by De La Rue View Post

1. Do you play the mother of Will Byers?
2. Are you the first person Milo meets in the Lands Beyond?
3. Did you animate King Kong?
#1. I am not Winona Ryder.
#2. I am not the Watchdog.
Take a DQ.

Originally Posted by atimnie View Post

IQ1: Were you an author, journalist, and script writer who died during production of the original King Kong?
IQ2: Were you a 19th century actor known for roles in "Masks and Faces", "No Thoroughfare", and his own dramatization of "The Cricket on the Hearth"?
IQ3: Did Malcolm McDowell play you in a movie as a time traveler chasing Jack the Ripper?
Take 2 DQs.
#3. I am not H. G. Wells.