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Andrew Yang went crowdsurfing in LA. MSNBC has a graphic with the crowdsurfing calling him John Yang. (at 34:30 here)

Yang tweeted:

John Yang? That’s a new one.
First they can't count to ten on a graphic and now they can't get his name right. The broadcaster corrected herself after reading the graphic, but somehow they couldn't get the graphic right. Makes one wonder what else they're not getting right.

The Yang Gang is so hilarious. One of the Yang Gang went to look up John Yang to see what they could find. It turns out that there's a John Yang who is a PBS news correspondent who did a piece on robots taking jobs and the future of work in Dec. 2018.

Will robots take our jobs? Are we doing enough to educate the next generation of workers? This week, @NewsHour is looking at these and other questions about the #futureofwork. Starting tonight, watch online and on your local @PBS station.
This gets even crazier. There's a tweet from a CNN correspondent, Athena Jones, from back in July 31, 2019 where she talks about a John Yang but clearly is talking about Andrew Yang.

John Yang comes with the comedy: The opposite of Donald Trump is an Asian man who likes math. #DemDebate
5:23 PM - 31 Jul 2019
The media had him renamed from way back then.

Tyler MacDonald in The Inquisitr has it nicely laid out. Andrew Yang Mistakenly Referred To As ‘John Yang’ By MSNBC In Viral Flub

Scott Santens, a UBI advocate and Yang Ganger who has been documenting the media coverage quips,

NBC: "Okay okay, we'll start covering this John Yang guy."#YangGang #Yang2020 #YangMediaBlackout #YangSurfing #WhoIsAndrewYang
This is Scott Santen's ongoing thread on twitter with examples of when media has cut Yang out. One of the funniest ones is when Kornacki mentions Yang's name and his screen blacks out.

The Yang Gang have #WhoisJohnYang trending on twitter.

Yang playing the piano for a few seconds at what sounds like in the background an event since they're cheering for him.

In other news, Yang polled at 3% on an ABC poll. He's at 2.7% on the Real Clear Politics aggregate.

I've seen a couple isolated reports of people saying that Yang was not mentioned by pollsters calling them. Here's one. Can't vouch for whether this is real or not.

Gallup poll called me did not mention Yang said that's who I support went thru bunch other ?s @ the end I said hey do me a favor next time you make this call pls mention @AndrewYang she says im sorry I have a list to read off of. HE'S NOT ON THE LIST #YangMediaBlackout #YangGang
In another enigmatic tweet, Yang mentioned

.@Grimezsz is awesome. That is all.
who I had no idea is Elon Musk's girlfriend.

On Sunday, he was in California on Ryan Higa's (the youtuber nigahiga) podcast. I think it's airing on the podcast Off the Pill and not on the youtube channel, but I'm not sure.

Then tonight, he's in Houston doing a fundraiser with some local media covering it. [Yang must not get jet lag because he's everywhere.]

It’s #DemDebate time in Houston, and with that comes fundraisers! @AndrewYang is appearing in an event tonight, and only #abc13 has a sneak peak inside the local #YangGang efforts. Check out all of our debate coverage here:
The Yang Gang is strategizing on how to best support Yang for the debate on Thursday Sept. 12, 2019.