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Can somoeone explain High and Low German?

Note: I don't speak German of any kind.

As a kid, I was told that High German was practically a different language than Low German, but now I never hear that. There seems to be only one German language.

What is the truth? Are HG and LG that different that speakers of one can't understand the other? Did the difference erode in the last 50 years? What do people in modern Germany do?

What are the differences like? Pronunciation or wholly different words? Is there any on-line places to hear the difference? because I have the darndest time deciphering pronunciation keys, such as "ˈʔap͡fəl".

I read wikipedia about all the dialects. In this context, are dialects the same or different than HG v LG?

Is that what was going on in the bar scene in Inglourious Basterds? It wasn't just accents, but dialects the SS guy was recognizing? (Do actual German speakers get a lot more subtle things out of that scene that I would ?)