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Originally Posted by thelurkinghorror View Post
It is a variety of High German. But if you mean vs. standard German, the answer is "quite a lot." Compare with Swiss French, which is mostly intelligible with France French beyond some very specific vocabulary.
That's right. As a (North-West) German, Swiss German to me is as intelligible or rather unintelligible as Dutch, that means I can catch one or the other word or phrase, but not even approximately follow the meaning of a conversation in either Swiss German or Dutch, although one is considered a German dialect and the other a whole different language. Speakers of Plattdeutsch of my region (low German, the variant Sauerländer Platt in my neck of the woods. It's a dying dialect, my grandmother still spoke it, but it started dying out in the generation of my parents) OTOH are usually able to tell a lot of Dutch and even hold basic conversations with Dutch speakers.
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