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I see those in books and online Small Clanger, but haven't played one...

Okay - I just finished a big deadline and the document is getting reviewed and I am trying to clear my head before a couple of meetings. I need a break and geek out before I have to be all Mr. Business Guy again.

So - what is going on with guitars in my life?

- I played with my band for the first time in a while; between a recent life event for one member and work stuff all around, we have found it hard to take on gigs and get together. This time we are even having to use a sub drummer - it was fun because this sub is a GREAT drummer who I played with previously. Just very different vs. our normal drummer - doesn't rock as hard, but navigates the changes really cleanly, selling the transitions well - nice fills. Either way, it was nice to find the groove and have some fun.

- I continue to focus on expanding my use of Hybrid picking - i.e., holding a normal guitar flatpick between thumb+index, and using my middle and ring fingers to fingerpick as well. Using more fingers just feels more natural to me - I am a multi-tasking kinda guy, I guess. For some reason, even though I am using more fingers, I feel more secure in my playing because I am less likely to play myself into a corner - if my pick can't reach the place I want to go, one of my fingers can. As a result, I find myself playing far more horizontally than I ever have - I am less likely to stay in the same scale-box - I can trust that if I move my fretting hand to a new position, my pick or fingers can be there to sound the note. And even though I am using more fingers and moving more, I feel like I am playing less - holding notes and focusing on saying something melodic when I lead. I think that is a byproduct of being a bit more confident. I still get stuck in minor blues soloing and also with an alternating, same-groove rhythm because it is easy to alternate between flat-pick and fingers, but I am trying to figure out how to move past those...

- I just finished a draft of my next Teemings column. Unlike the first two where I featured obscure-but-important rock n' roll progenitors, this time I am featuring an obscure punk band that has just been rediscovered. We'll see how it makes it through an editing pass with twickster

- I am stuck in GAS land. I have found a couple of vintage acoustic guitars that I would love to own - but, yeah - kinda pricey. I have been trying to build a war chest to go after one of them, but no joy so far - I try to generate funds from selling off some first edition books I collected over the years that have appreciated in value, but my normal buyer just bought two estates - sigh...I have reached out to another dealer, but they are coming across like amateurs so I don't think I can get a deal to go down. And the big annual vintage guitar show is happening in Texas this weekend and I am not going - so no new GAS and there is a chance that one or both guitars will get sold if the dealers go to the show (which they almost certainly will)...

There - I feel better. Back to work.