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Is Fox News really all that bad?

First off, I'm very liberal.

Second off, I watch almost zero TV news. I catch it at my parents (not necessarily Fox), doctors' offices, and times like that. I do see a bunch of clips all the time of Fox News programs such as those featuring Hannity and O'Reilly. And sometimes it's a clip of an ordinary Fox News story, not necessarily anything political. That doesn't mean, however, that I haven't watched large chunks of Fox News over the past few years. I interpret at doctors' offices and often am waiting for patients. For some reason, Fox News is a popular choice to have on.

I think Hannity and O'Reilly are buffoons, but their programs are obviously and explicitly Conservative in message. One may blame the Fox Network for carrying such crap, but I don't, really. There's no hidden agenda, and those shows are fulfilling a demand for that message. In any case, I don't think those shows taint Fox News itself.

So, what about Fox News? It's slogan is, "Fair and Balanced." People, especially liberals, accuse it of being blatantly pro-Conservative. The thing is, when I've watched it, it's seemed like your typical stupid network news without a whole of lot bias either way. Plus, they have some hot blondes on there, which is nice.

I find network news to be boring and Conservative as a default setting. No matter what, it seems to reinforce the status quo. Keep calm and carry on, as the Brits used to say. No huge need for change, although there are problems problems problems, and isn't that interesting? Yesssss, watch. Watch more. Consume more. And... be happy (THX-1138).

Fox News seems well-produced with competent newscasters (some of whom are hot blondes). It does seem to tell the basic news without too much of a slant; which is to say, it's slanted toward the status quo--just like all news shows. There is nothing truly excellent about it, yet there doesn't seem to be anything *exceptionally* execrable about it either.

TL;DR: Fox News is Conservative, but all network news shows ares fundamentally Conservative, inasmuch as they subtly and unsubtly validate the status quo.

What do you think?

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