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Originally Posted by Tracy Lord
* The really frustrating thing is that -- well, they're open! I want to buy food from them! That's their business! I feel I should reiterate that this location is two blocks away from a college campus. It seems as if it would be a good business decision to allow pedestrian customers. And dammit, I really wanted fries!

For one thing, even here in little ol' Grand Forks some of the fast food joints have walk-up windows.

With regards to what happened to you, keep in mind that because there were no cars when you went, doesn't mean there won't be ever. Can you imagine 11pm with car, truck, 4 drunk college kids, car, 3 smart-ass HS kids trying to be contrarian/cool, van, car, 4 drunk college kids?

And more important, consider this. Once a pedestrian is served at the Drive-Thru, you've set the precedent that you serve pedestrians at the DT. Imagine people in the summer wanting lunch at Wendy's but not wanting to go inside the store?