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Originally Posted by MRirian
Eh, I'll buy that. Still, it's not like you would make any kind of mess just walking in and ordering something to go. Although, it would be kind of senseless to make a rule saying "you can come in and order your food, but you can't sit at a table." Security-wise, I can sort of see how they'd be more likely to be robbed at midnight than at noon.

How many people walk to Wendy's that late anyway?
<Wendy's manager mode>
We actually get a lot of walkup orders, because we're right next to a hotel, and there's not a lot around for restaurants. It sucks saying no, but it does come down to liability and the safety of the employees. And if we say yes to one guy while it's slow, we can't say no to the next guy while we're getting our butts kicked with orders on the clock.

And letting people in just to order would not only mess up the floors (there's actually a very detailed cleaning procedure for the floors), it'd put the store more at risk for robbery. We're not allowed to let anyone in the restaurant after 10 pm. Ever.