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48. Some pretty tough ones. Nice for a change that they aren't easy, but "actual date" questions are really kind of meaningless trivia. Do I need to know the exact date S. Carolina seceded?

I missed the "West Point/ US Military academy" duality, but I did wonder about one question: you could buy your way out of the war by taking in two former "selves". Did that only work with multiple personalities, or reincarnated folks?

Did you all notice the carpetbagger question illustration had the word "carpetbagger" in it?

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32..... And I grew up in the South! Man....shoulda paid more attention to history class....
My wife went to HS in Tennessee. They didn't talk about the Civil War AT ALL in school. She'd probably be lucky to get 20 on this quiz. She was just never exposed to any of this history.

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