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Originally Posted by treis View Post
I dispute the existence of fuck me pumps. High heels primarily attract the attention of other women. Men will notice what heels do to legs/ass, but not the actual shoes. Fuck me boots, on the other hand, clearly exist and are a well documented phenomenon.
I think you miss the point here. It's what the pumps are called. As in, I could call up my friend and say "I need to borrow a pair of fuck-me pumps" and they would know what I meant. There may be boots out there that inspire thoughts of fucking, but that's not what they are called.

And I concur that fuck-me pumps can be very classy. To me, the distinguishing characteristics are a high, narrow heel (no wedge) and no back (strap is fine).

Stripper heels are completely different: they have to be gaudy.