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Originally Posted by Stormcrow View Post
I'm looking for advice on a guitar for a new player - I'm making "learn to play the guitar" a goal of mine over the next year or two, and I'm not sure what i should get.

I'm shooting for something a little bit rock-n-roll. Generally I'd like to be able to go for anything from late Beatles to White Stripes, Radiohead, and alternative rock. I'm not a big metal head, so thats not a goal, nor am I into things in a more folk or country vein. Any ideas on what I should get? I figure that I'm comfortable going up to $400 or so.
A MIM* Telecaster is a good choice. Simplest/straightforward guitar on earth, good reputation, works for country, rock, punk, alt, whatever. Examples here, here. Stay away from any Fender named "Squier".

*"Made In Mexico", AKA "Fender Standard Telecaster", although there have been several other MIM models by name.

I do have a friend who can go with me to Guitar Center or wherever (I'm in Chicago) in order to try out the instruments to help me pick out the specific guitar (as it would do very little good for me to try them out personally at this point).
This is an excellent idea. I don't know your friend's skills, but having someone along who knows the first thing about guitars and can give you some basic ideas is a step up when shopping.

I'm also planning on taking lessons to start...
This is also an excellent idea. Having a teacher who can give you the basics, and especially get you on an ongoing program to improve your skills every week is huge. I remember taking lessons as a new player and how fast that got me up to speed, and I can't imagine how fast (or even if) I could have done the same on my own.