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The Other Waldo Pepper has a point - the only reason to dismiss an "illusory" world is if the world is unstable and likely to end at any time. Consider the most common of illusory worlds: fiction. If any book you read had a high chance of suddenly turning blank you wouldn't bother reading. If your television was prone to suddenly shutting off at any moment you wouldn't watch TV. But this isn't the case; the illusory worlds in question stick around long enough for you to get everything out of them that they have to offer, so it's worth paying attention. Even though you know they're all completely made up and full of lies, the experience is still fun and fulfilling and worth your time, because you know it's going to last long enough for the experience to be worth it.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but even in your contested understanding of the Buddhist model, the world isn't getting any less real over time. However real it is now is how real it's going to stay for the foreseeable future. Even if it actually is merely a giant virtual reality game, well, it's one that you'll be playing for years to come so you might as well play it. And it's a massively multiplayer game too - so you might as well get to know the other players, and spend time with them if playing the game (that is, living life) is more fun when done together.

Again, to reiterate: Unreality is only a problem if it means reality might get yanked out from under you, rendering your time spent on it wasted. By all accounts getting outside of reality the Buddhist way isn't something that's going to happen by accident, so don't worry about it! Play the game, earn lots of happiness points, avoid hunger, debt, and homelessness hazards, and just have fun!