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I picked up a new S&W .357 Magnum just over a year ago for $700. How much you'd get for yours would depend on how much you've used it, how much the buyer trusts your candor about that, and how exactly you feel about handguns. If you're cool with them but just don't want yours anymore, then decide how much joy you've gotten from yours in the last couple years, equate that to weed, dinner dates with your sweetie, or whatever else you like to do, and call that the price of the gun. If you think handguns should be gone period, then destroy yours and that's that. Giving it to the cops only ensures it won't be YOUR problem anymore, but it does not ensure they won't lose it, "lose" it, use it, or turn it over to the feds who will funnel it to the CIA and thence some US-backed insurgent who will use it as God intended.

The actual mechanics of a private sale are likely going to vary from state to state--some states want you to register your firearms, Colorado officials don't even know what that means. In any event I would be shy about selling it to a stranger because you don't know what that stranger has in mind. If they do some criming with it, then potentially someone could work out where they got it from and accuse you of mischievous skullduggery, mopery, or both. But $200 new many years ago? That's not even a scar on your current budget--it may as well not exist. Chuck it in the ocean.