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Sort of the same position as Kayaker the OP. I have 10 guns, but do need to keep a few. All of them have been handed down to me through the family.

We live very remote, so I will keep a 12ga, and the .356 336ER Marlin. And, the .357.

I bought this for fun in .22. Great fun, and way more accurate than I could ever hope to be. It's an air rifle. Ended buying a special compressor to fill it to the 3000psi. What can I say, I like target shooting. Always have. That rifle challenges me plenty. It's nearly silent and costs pennies to shoot.

I would guess that a sledge hammer would quickly make the SW .357 pretty unusable. It has to be obvious that it is destroyed though. Don't want anyone firing it if it's destroyed or otherwise unsafe.
I don't live in the middle of nowhere, but I can see it from here.

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