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Originally Posted by taskmgr.exe View Post
Perhaps, you are right. But, I doubt anyone with heavy/major stuttering problem could hide it in front of camera, or could find a way so that he doesn't seem to have problem with stuttering at all.
Look up Mel Tillis.

I have finished high school. I was in a college, but after some time, I flunked out of the college. I'll be in another college again soon. The reason that I ask this is I wonder if it'll pose any problems to me in future. And, I thought I could get some info concerning the toughness degree of problems which I may encounter.
Seems to me there are two issues you need to address:
  • Your stuttering (what it is and degree of affliction)
  • Whether you control your stuttering or it controls you (self-esteem)
The degree of self-confidence you have as a person, how you interact with people, and how you "manage" your stuttering will determine your own success. There will always be assholes who will judge your stuttering as judging you. Some of those assholes will be (potential | actual) employers. Don't lower yourself to their level.