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I just wanted to chime in with my one and only anecdote:

A friend of mine from high school had a pretty serious stutter. We would (unfairly) tease him about it, but he always took it in stride and was readily accepted by everyone based on his cheerful demeanor. We were all in the marching band together, and by the time he was a junior he was in a leadership role. Not only did he bark out orders (with some difficulty), but he had to give instruction to younger band members.

Today he's working for a garage as a tow truck driver while pursuing a nursing degree. Every summer he works with me teaching at a music camp. He still has his stutter, but he's learned to handle it quite well. On the first day of every camp, he explains to the kids that he has a stutter and there's nothing that he can do about it. He politely asks them to be patient with him if he has trouble with his words. The children have always respected him (most like him quite a bit), and there has never been an incident of the kids mocking him. His honesty and acceptance of himself seems to be the key. The stutter has never gotten in the way of his ability to instruct the students.

ETA: The dude isn't anything special to look at, but he's always got a cute girlfriend too. Just goes to show that the ladies like a man who takes his time with his words.

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